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“With Ray, if it did not satisfy him,

it was not acceptable. The attention

to detail makes him a True Builder

at Heart.”

Miriam Alvarez
I am truly impressed

To say that our family is thrilled with the process and the end product is an understatement. Simply stated, we loved working with everyone at Authentic and love our new home! Your staff is more like family and it reflects on the pride and sincerity that is displayed by everyone. That same approach appears to be adopted by your core sub-contractors who were wonderful as well.


When you first took over the project, it had been lingering for over two years. You were able to resolve all the issues with the County, improve our architectural plans by working closely with our new architect and construct our home in a timely and efficient manner. My wife would tease me that I had a “man crush” with Ray. Truth be told, I just admired him for his honesty, integrity and interpersonal skills.


I would be remiss not to give a special thank you to Cecil Ruiz and lsa Abreu. Both were a true pleasure to work with and were instrumental on making our home as beautiful as it turned out. Again, our sincerest thank you for all you have done. Without any hesitation or reservation, we would recommend your services to anyone.


Jim & Jorleen Aguiles

“They guided us through the architecture,

permitting and building process

with expert hands.”

Ed & Eliana Alonso
Always accessible, helpful, and most importantly fully transparent

I’m a first time home builder and my experience with Authentic was priceless. Everyone involved in the process was always accessible, helpful and most importantly fully transparent. I had the feeling they were building a house for a family. Would recommend them to anyone building a dream home!

Jose Ferrer

“As an Architect I can appreciate

Authentic Construction’s ability to make

difficult details and jobs come to life.”

Hamed Rodriguez – Architect – AR93261, LEED A.P.
Coming in at budget and on time was an impressive accomplishment

We had a wonderful experience with Authentic Construction. Their communication with our architect really made for an amazing final product. I think most importantly for our family Authentic Construction provided a calm and harmonious building process. The Authentic team kept our stress levels at a minimum.  Very important for two professionals building their dream home. I was also impressed with how they kept to the budget even while construction costs were getting incrementally higher during the period of construction. Coming in at budget and on time in such an environment was an impressive accomplishment. Thank you Authentic!

P. Fernandez

“Authentic Construction’s work ethic, organization

and efficiency made something that I personally thought

would be a nightmare, a wonderful and exciting experience.”

Liana Cabrera
Peace of Mind and Trust

Whether you want to be involved in the project on a daily basis, or you are out and far away, there is always peace of mind and trust that the agreement is being honored, the project doesn’t get detained and if any, it is advanced and properly attended.

Huberto E. Merayo, MD

“Building our beautiful dream home with Ray and his

Authentic Construction team was a great experience.

The overall quality of construction and craftsmanship of our

home was excellent and we could not be happier with the

final product. We would highly recommend Authentic Construction

to anyone who is thinking of building a new home!”

E. Albareda
A great home that continues to stand the test of time

When my wife and I decided we wanted to build a new home 1,200 miles away we knew we needed to find a general contractor that had a good track record as well as the ability to keep us informed and stay within a timeline for each component of the construction process.


After our architect had the plans far enough along we ended up sending out for bid to six general contractors. We were told that generally two or three was the norm. We ended up being very glad we did as it made clear where the variations were in each company’s bid. This allowed us to get comfortable with the costs based on the consistency and exposed the outliers. It became clear that Authentic had done their homework and was competitive in all the major components. They also provided software that made the process trackable and transparent. The software showed the progress and the payment flow. Along with diligent follow up on lien releases as payments were received by subcontractors.


With this information, references from recent clients and a personal comfort level after meeting with the principals we felt satisfied that Authentic would be our best choice. We were right and we ended up with a beautifully built home that now after four years can attest to the quality and virtually no issues. Being heavily invested and involved in the real estate industry for the last 40 years, I can say that this is a very rare and wonderful outcome.

Dan and Kate Ginnel 

“We believe a construction site needs good karma

to be a successful collaboration and we can honestly say

the great karma was there the first day.”

Dan and Kate Ginnel
Authentic took ownership of the process

Authentic is exactly that. The fact is that no custom home building project goes without incident, I know because I have completed three of them. Authentic took ownership of the process, Ray and Bruno solved problems when they came up and they went above and beyond to satisfy our every concern. In the end we were extremely pleased with our home and I would not hesitate to recommend them.

D. Carson